From Public Service to Entrepreneurship : Top Lessons Learned After 3 years running my own HR firm

As I celebrate my third anniversary of running my own HR firm, I am grateful for the journey and the lessons I have learned along the way. Leaving the world of public service to become an entrepreneur was a leap of faith, but it has been a rewarding experience. Here are some of the most significant takeaways:

Firstly, no such thing as a free lunch. Everything has a cost.

From the outside looking in, I have been honored with two nominations for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurs Award . While it is a testament to the hard work I have put into my business, it was not without sacrifice. As an HR professional and business owner, my days are never the same and flexibility comes with long hours and hard work. 

Secondly, relationships matter above all else.

Building solid relationships with my clients has been a key factor in the success of my HR firm. My personal approach and getting to know my clients well adds a special touch to the working relationship. This in turn builds trust, confidence and repeat business.

Thirdly, rising tides lift all boats. The expression exists for a reason.

Seeking and building a community has been invaluable for support, advice, and connection. It’s true when they say entrepreneurship can be a lonely place. Being able to lean on a supportive network and finding like-minded peers is invaluable. In my opinion, solid guidance and support can turn around complex situations quicker than any other resource.

Lastly, not being the expert on everything is okay. In fact, it’s required.

A last but no less notable thought is this. I’ve recognized when I am not an expert in an area of my business. This alone has reduced workload, overall stress, and the ever-growing to-do list. It was pivotal for my success to seek out experts in areas such as marketing, accounting, or legal counsel. These fields are not my own, and I am okay with it. Having them onboard though has opened me up to possibilities that I could not have reached without them. 

In conclusion, I am grateful for my journey so far and hope to continue on this route for a long time.  Here’s to many more!  

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Thank you for being part of my journey!